Empowering Kids to Care for Their Skin

Navigating Healthy Skincare Habits with Support and Smiles!"

We get it—kids can be resistant to change, especially when it comes to skincare. But here at the Young Skin Society, we're ready to make healthy skincare habits a breeze, together!


"Tahlia’s skin is clearing up thanks to your guidance and recommendations. She no longer has those big white pus filled bumps. Thank you!"

Kesha, Mom of Twins

"Lori. thank you so much! My daughter came home and continued the self-care routine! I’m really appreciative of the skincare and already feel a list of product requests!"

Bethany, Mom

"Lori showed up with a beautiful presentation, music, and printed tips for our girls! The activity was informative and so much fun! Thank you, Lori!"

Angela, Mom

"Lori did a fabulous job and even taught the Moms a few tips for skincare! I know our girls will relish in how to care for their skin. Thanks for treating our girls as your own!"

Jennifer, Mom

The YSS Collection

Fun, colorful kid-friendly books, beautiful illustrations, weekly affirmations, and journals! All available to support you and your kids through this fun journey towards healthy skin care.

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Hi! I'm Lori

For 20 years, I have been an aesthetician, skincare expert, and educator and personally, had skin issues and sensitive skin, so I understand the importance of healthy skin habits from a young age. As a mom of two, I created the Young Skin Society to support parents like me who want to teach their children about healthy skin care habits.

We offer not only fun and colorful resources for parents, but we provide honest guidance and education that is simple and kid-friendly, making learning about skincare a positive experience.

Join our community and you'll get access to the resources and connect with parents just like you. Together, we can empower our kids to embrace their unique beauty and feel their best every day!

Why The Young Skin Society?

Confidence is Beauty.

We know you care about your child's skin and your skin too. It's about looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful and establishing simple, healthy skincare habits along the way.

Your Knowledge Is Power.

Be empowered and in control! Lori will give you trusted skincare guidance and advice backed by her being a mom of two and 20 years as an aesthetician, skincare expert, and educator.

You Are Not Alone.

We have a community of moms just like you. We care about our kids skin and we care about our skin too. We know that kids don't always listen. It's not easy and that's why we support each other.

The Best Home Care. Guaranteed.

What you do at home matters. We have carefully selected products that are safe and clean. We also have fun and colorful books and resources so your kids can't wait to start their healthy habits.


Simone, Proud Mom of Two!

I noticed that my 12-year-old daughter’s face and skin was changing, so during this Tween moment, I wanted to ensure she was equipped to continue on her journey.

Lori has such a passion for young girls and educating them in this area.

She was extremely supportive, and provided clear direction on a great daily facial regime for my daughter to follow. She recommended every product we needed and all steps to be followed.

My daughter loved everything and found the new routine simple and easy to follow. Her skin is glowing and she feels very in control about her skincare.

Thanks to Lori and her wisdom, my daughter has built confidence, was provided excellent knowledge about facial products and engages in positive affirmations!!

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